An English Eindje Lopen through Strijp

An English Eindje Lopen through Strijp

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This route will take you on a wander trough Strijp. A piece of Eindhoven that almost entirely thanks its developed by Philips. The trip will take off from the Philips soccer stadium and will end at Ketelhuisplein. 

The walk is around 8 km and will roughly cost you 2 hours. If you'd like to stop for a drink or to visit a shop we recommend you to calculate some extra time for that. Along the way you will pass some nice shops and places with delicious coffees, drinks and other foods. 

The cards we provide you with will show you the way and the questions and games on them will ensure good conversation and lots of laughter. Next to that the bag we give you will contain nice (local) drinks and a snack.

You can come and collect your bag in Eindhoven on Thursday or Friday from 16:00 till 18:00 or well  itship to you. 

Okay, let's sum it all up:
💛 One bag is prepared for 2 participants 

💛 You receive one bag filled with all the goodies
💛 The bag will contain drinks of choice each
💛 We love food! So well take care of the snáááácks 
💛 The bag will be filled with 5 cards with the map, described routes, Eindhoven insights and some fun conversation starters 
💛 An extra card that will explain how everything works
💛 Would you like to go on adventure with more than 2? It is possible to add some extra drinks and snacks or ad an extra bag to your cart.