Eindje Lopen trough Strijp

Eindje Lopen trough Strijp

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We will take you out for a walk through Strijp. The part of the city that was almost completely designed by and for Philips. The route starts at the Philips stadium and ends at Ketelhuisplein.

The route is 8 km long and takes about 2 hours, without interruptions. Along the way you will pass many nice shops and restaurants, so we recommend some extra time.

The cards we provide you with will take care of entertainment and a good conversation along the way. The bag is filled with the maps accompanied by some Eindhoven insights and conversation starters, drinks of your choice and a snack.

You can choose to receive your bag by post or pick it up in Eindhoven on Thursday and Friday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

All in a nutshell:
💛 The price (€ 33,-) is for 2 people

💛 You will receive one bag
💛 The bag is filled with two drinks per person 
💛 We love food and so provide snacks 
💛 In the bag you will find five roadmaps with insights about Eindje and fun conversation starters 
💛  In addition, also a card with all the explanation 
💛 If you would like to go with more people, you can add extra drinks at an additional cost or order a second bag